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Change Parts

Change parts are used within the food, canning, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to guide containers from the conveyor to different parts of the production process as required. They are most often used in conjunction with feedscrews, making the transition from conveyor to starwheel pocket, smoother.

For profiled containers we have CAD software that allows us to generate starwheel pocket shapes that are optimised to suit the container.

During its nine years of operating a comprehensive machine measuring service, Startec has accumulated a significant database of bottling machine information. From these, the team at Startec are able to produce change parts tailored to meet requirements from just a bottle or bottle drawing provided by the customer.

At Startec, we believe that the starting point for any of our designs should be the critical areas of the machine – where the bottle needs to be presented accurately and in a synchronised fashion. We appreciate that time and efficiency are imperatives for our customers – and that if a machine capable of 120 bottles per minute is only operating at 50% efficiency due to ill-fitting change parts – then the customer’s business is impacted.

With our team’s collective years’ experience in design and manufacture of change parts, feedscrews, invertors and components used within the industry, we have probably already encountered and resolved the change part problems which you may be experiencing in your production environment.

Feedscrew Drive Units

Startec’s feedscrew drive units are purpose built for each individual customer project. They are manufactured complete with motor and gearbox and are very well suited for situations where a feedscrew is required and where no other drive source is available.

We are able to supply these units to customers for retrofitting onto an existing machine and also when they need an operation (such as inspection) performed on an existing production line.

Startec feedscrew drive units are available in either single feedscrew or twin opposing feedscrew options.


Startec feedscrews are used as part of the container handling process in situations where accurate acceleration, deceleration, pausing, and precise/smooth placement of containers is required.

Using our customised modelling programme and CNC capabilities, our feedscrews are designed for use in a wide variety of applications. For profiled containers we have CAD software available that allows us to generate pocket shapes optimised to suit the specific container.

The team at Startec also design counter rotating feedscrews allowing for full control of the containers for operations such as weighing and cap placement – and manufacture of feedscrews with a dwell or pause – allowing for gassing or placement of sachets into containers.

We are able to supply feedscrews inclusive of all fittings, so they are timed prior to operation and ready to be placed in location. If the customer’s production requires it, we can also manufacture a feedscrew drive unit that can be easily fixed onto the side of an existing conveyor.

If you have an application where a feedscrew may provide an efficient solution for your operation, please feel free to call us with the details of your product and application, and we will provide a tailored assessment.


Startec invertors are purpose built for operations where a container needs to be rotated or inverted, including for rinsing, bar coding, draining, inspecting, sanitising or other similar purposes.

Invertors have been available for several years now. The first generation were manufactured using labour intensive methods, where up to 60 plates were manually cut and fitted together in a ‘loaf of bread’ style, and with extra clearances to ensure that the containers were able to pass through them.

Today, using our customised modelling programme, our team are able to design a new generation invertor which is dimensionally more accurate and provides for smoother running than the previous models. Startec invertors have fewer pieces (typically four) and are fully machined using accurate 3D-CNC technology. With fewer pieces, Startec invertors are renowned for their ease of cleaning in all environments.

To further aid in allowing for effective and efficient cleaning, Startec invertors can be designed to open either using hinged or lift off top sections.

Invertors can be designed to rotate a variety of containers – including cans, bottles, jars and even some cartons (empty or full) from 10º to 360º. Open top cans can also be accommodated through a Startec invertor.

Startec invertors are compact – a typical container can be rotated through 180º within 400mm of travel. The simple exterior box profile allows them to be fitted over any conveyor with minimum of effort.

All inverted products need a little line pressure to push them through the invertor – as with a deadplate, containers can be left stranded in midstream. In high speed applications damage can occur when the next surge of product hits the stationary product so where possible a downward slope should be used to ensure the invertor is more easily cleared.

If you have an application where you think an invertor may provide an efficient solution for your operation, please feel free to call us with the details of your product and application, and we will provide a tailored assessment.

Wear Bends

Using accurate CNC machining, the team at Startec are able to machine both standard and custom wear bends to meet any requirement.

Startec’s team have used their collective knowledge and experience to revisit the ‘humble’ conveyor wear bend and improve on it.

Traditionally, wear bends have been machined from sheet metal where the wastage can be considerable, resulting in inflation of costs. To counteract this, Startec has identified that good optimisation of sheet material is essential to reducing wastage for both the supplier and the customer.

Wear bends come in a variety of sizes of chain and widths, to cater to all operations. Designers often require wear bends to match existing conveyor work, which can add a width variance, and straight lead in and out of a bend may also require variation. All of these variance requirements have typically made it difficult to produce a so called ‘standard’ wear bend. As soon as suppliers start changing track widths, centre line radii, lead in, lead out or track thickness, the wear bend invariably becomes a hybrid and a ‘one off’ design, and the cost frequently goes up as a result.

To address these issues and constraints of application, Startec have been developing a fabricated wear curve known as the ‘star turn’ which offers advantages over traditional curves.

The star turn’s use of plastic construction means it behaves in exactly the same way as a normal bend, but is lightweight, has self clearing capability, and can have different materials on inner and outer tracks. The latter would be advantageous in high wear areas (which usually occur on the inside bend only) and a hard wearing material could be used on the inside track. These fabricated wear curves also allow replacement of worn inner tracks without requiring replacement of the whole curve.

Startec was set up by a team of experienced specialists to address the frustrations being encountered with shortfalls in food and beverage industry servicing by existing engineering suppliers. From the outset, the Startec team’s goal has been to provide quality engineering solutions in the supply of change parts, feedscrews, invertors, and plastic componentry for the food, canning and bottling industries.

Machine Spare Components

Startec manufactures machine spare parts from food grade materials to allow efficient and timely maintenance to customers’ machines. We are New Zealand based so can ensure quick turnaround within Australasia.

Plastic Components

Startec is also able to manufacture plastic components for a variety of projects. We have a wide range of materials available to suit most applications.

Special Projects

Startec has built a reputation for innovation & creativity – striving to provide the best product and service possible to meet customer needs. We are able to manufacture machines and components to meet our customers’ specific requirements.


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