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Startec Plus (Startec) – a member of the Plus group of companies – was set up in 2005 to offer quality solutions to customers in the canning and bottling industry, as well as general engineering solutions to other industries.

100_4652The team at Startec offer a range of tailored services to the food, canning, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries covering all aspects of container management through to each stage of the production line environment.

With an extensive knowledge and skill base developed from several years’ experience within the industry, Startec is able to provide quality engineered solutions in the design and supply of change parts, feedscrews, invertors and components that are designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Our professional team are adept in designing parts to suit rinsing, filling, gassing, capping, corking and labelling applications together with associated operations required to provide customers with the maximum efficiencies during production. With a strong focus on continually developing ways to improve change part design, we are able to make parts easier to fit and adjust, and lighter to handle – without compromising function and strength.

SV400021With uncompromising quality standards, expert technical know-how and meticulous attention to detail, Startec is the premier choice for change parts in Australasia – and a growing provider of products throughout the Pacific, Asia and North America.

During its nine years of operating a comprehensive machine measuring service, Startec has accumulated a significant database of bottling machine information. From these, the team at Startec are able to produce change parts tailored to meet requirements from just a bottle or bottle drawing provided by the customer.

At Startec, we believe the starting point for any of our designs should be the critical areas of the machine where the bottle needs to be presented accurately and in a synchronised fashion. We appreciate that time and efficiency are imperatives for our customers and that if a machine capable of 120 bottles per minute is only operating at 50% efficiency due to ill-fitting change parts, then the customer’s business is impacted.

SV400011With our team’s collective years’ experience in the design and manufacture of change parts, feedscrews, invertors and components used within the industry, we have probably already encountered and resolved the change part problems which you may be experiencing in your production environment.

Our success has come from listening to our customers, and tailoring a solution for their specific needs. We believe that we have a responsibility to provide our customers with the best product and services to suit their requirements.

Just contact us and let us bring our expertise and experience to assist your business to improve efficiency and output.


Protecting commercially sensitive customer information is a critical component of the Startec business model. Our customers can rest assured that all projects will be conducted subject to full customer confidentiality.

Our Team

The team at Startec have over 40 years’ combined experience in the design and manufacture of change parts and feedscrews. We have encountered and resolved many change part problems over the years and are ready to develop a solution for any issues which you may be experiencing with your production machines.

Graham Walters

Startec’s sales team is managed by Graham Walters, who has been in the industry for over 20 years. Graham is available to meet customers at their premises to discuss requirements, give advice on potential options and quotes on specific work. A fitter by trade, with vast experience in troubleshooting and problem resolution in manufacturing and production, Graeme is available to provide customers with valuable insights and suggestions.


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